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mastergiegue said: Rabies in this day n age is uncommon, if anything the dog might have been frustrated due to the heat, or trained to be a “guard” dog. Dog attacks from “guard” dogs has been really high in america apparently this year.

It was warm but not hot at the time and the dog emerged from the shade. I’m also fairly certain that its just a family pet dog. Its very aggressive however. The owner clearly hasn’t been raising and disciplining it right. This is the same dog that has stalked me and nipped at me a few blocks away from its home and at night. Little bastard has it out for me.

Animal control stopped by. I learned that the only way they can test the dog for rabies is to kill it and cut its head off. Yeesh, I thought we were beyond that. A good thing I learned though is that they don’t do shots in the stomach for rabies anymore. At least not this early. They lied about that dog being part terrier. I knew something was up but I didn’t want to mention it, that dog’s either part pit or fox hound. The bite’s too wide for a terrier’s mouth. Right now, they’re going to quarantine the dog but they did say it was healthy and it’s slim that it has rabies. They’ll test it for other diseases anyway though.

The animal control guy did bring up it being put down though. I don’t want that, but it might have to be done anyway depending how ugly this gets. The owner’s on thin ice for giving half information and let’s just say there’s something weird going on in their backyard.

Update on my bite, it’s not swollen and I feel fine. The dog’s probably fine, but they’ll have it tested today anyway. Like I said though no matter what happens, I want that dog properly restrained. I’m an adult so it could only go for my legs, but it’d be a lot messier if a little kid happened to be passing by.

Responsibility does lie with the owners to train their dog to behave better, let alone a dog that will randomly bite someone while unprovoked. That is neglectful of them to let this happen. Imagine if it attacked a child for no reason. If the dog has not only done this before without provocation, but also is found to be sick, they may order the owners to have the dog put down. Hell, they may even just tell the owners to have it put down because it can be considered a danger to public safety.

When I met the owner, they were pretty ditzy and clearly didn’t know how to handle this situation and kept skirting around the issue and giving half information. But they love that dog so I’ll feel bad if it does end up having to be put to sleep.

I’ve just filed a police report. Here’s what happened, I was walking down the public sidewalk and the dog shot out from their garage/backyard barking. I slowly kept moving and did not provoke the dog, but within a few feet it bit me hard on the calve. The owners came out and restrained the dog, but they didn’t know i had been bitten. Rather than start shit there, I walked back home which wasn’t far away, cleaned up my bite (it had drawn blood), took pictures, and called the police. We got the owners down here and we talked for a while and filed the report. 

What’s going to happen is if the dog is fine and had its shots, then I won’t go to the hospital and I won’t charge them with anything. If the dog is not fine, I will expect them to compensate for all medical expenses. I don’t want the dog put down, but whatever happens I want that dog put under more restraint. That same dog has nipped at me before, even gone off the leash once and harassed me blocks away from its house.

better go hit by the hospital to make sure you dont have anything

Hospital’s the last thing I wanna do. I feel fine, but they’re going to have the dog tested first thing tomorrow.

I got bit by a dog. And the owners can’t prove its had its shots or vaccinations. Oh boy…

Our England group unanimously decided that this was the theme of our trip.