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Join Dr Wily’s Robot Masters

(Call it shameless advertising, but I don’t care.)

Do you like Megaman? Do you like to draw? Roleplay? Dr Wily’s Robot Masters is a tegaki (handwritten blogging site, also a fun art site) rp group based on the classic Megaman series where people rp as characters from the series. The rps can range from serious, heart-warming, or just plain silly. There’s a light plot to the group, but it’s mainly about interaction with other characters from different sides and classes.

It’s always exciting to watch how members interpret their characters and give them personality and quirks. There have been extraordinary interpretations of even the plainest looking robots. Another cool thing about the group is that they’ve recently allowed fan characters again. The all-around main point on the group is to have fun, which I have had loads of in the nearly two years I’ve been there.

Please, take some time to take a look or lurk around. I have met so many incredible people since I joined the group and it’s always a treat when new people join to show their unique talents. The group, a lot of groups, and tegaki in general has been waning since people have quit and lost interest and I don’t want it to die so suddenly. If Megaman isn’t your thing, I also recommend you check out the other groups tegaki offers.

We hope to see you soon!

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